Synopsis Writing

Synopsis writing is to be considered as a detailed summary of the work with important results highlighting the original contributions in the thesis to be submitted. It should give an outline of the thesis. Synopsis is the most important document before the submission of thesis. The synopsis writing service usually takes a time of 10-15 days. The layout of synopsis includes the following:

  • Motivation and Problem statement
  • Introduction
  • Aim and objectives of the research
  • Brief survey of earlier works
  • Overview of Thesis
  • Major contributions of the research (if required with results/ graphs/photographs)
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography

Synopsis writing procedure

The challenging problem of the research work should be stated in precise and clear. Hypothesis is stated as a tentative estimation or explanation of the relationship among two or more variables.

Hypothesis can be expressed by understanding problem, reviewing the literature and considering other factors. All research should have aim and objectives of the study that should be very effective.

The review of literature in a synopsis need not be comprehensive. The appropriate information should be enclosed about 300 words and the quoting should be reliable, retrievable references. Literature can be studied using scientific-information-gathering approaches. These are collected from journals, magazines, national or international conference publications; bulletins of organizations like WHO, CDC, ICMR and books. All references mentioned in review of literature and anywhere in the synopsis should be listed in the reference section.

In synopsis writing, research methodology should be around 150-200 words. The research methodology creates the core of research project. The methodology should enclose the following features:

  • Study design
  • Study settings
  • Sampling
  • Variables
  • Controls
  • Study methods - examinations or investigations
  • Data collection
  • Data analysis
  • Ethical clearance

Synopsis writing is a main step in PhD research. A good synopsis will offer maximum information in minimum words. A well-conceived synopsis will go a long way in convincing the reviewer about the ability of the researcher. Thus, all research scholars should make efforts to prepare a well-structured synopsis.

Synopsis is the most important text before commence your actual thesis. This is because synopsis will recognize whether the thesis would be accepted for evaluation. Synopsis is an important part of the thesis and it cannot be taken lightly. It comprises main chapters like literature review and proposed research design. The references must be accurate and related to your work, as it holds more weightage. Our synopsis writing service guarantees that our work will set perfect proposed design work to your research and creates greater impression from supervisor.

Xplora Technologies, synopsis writing services in Chennai, will be the right choice for research scholars those who wants to submit their synopsis based on their university guidelines at right time. We understand the topic selected by you based on your research work. Then, the hypothesis is designed and the design for proposed research work is clearly presented. During the preparation of synopsis, you should be constantly updated according to your work. Usually, we provide minimum 50 references in the synopsis. However, this will differ for the various topics and exact requirement of each client.

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The standard package of synopsis writing service within 15 days for delivery is estimated to be Rs 15000. The price said above is maximum of 5000 words (20 pages). The charges will differ according to the word limitations, client’s requirement and timeline provided by the client. If any modifications are required as per the response from your supervisor, they will be corrected without any extra prices. The synopsis is also analysed to confirm whether it is free from grammatical mistakes. All references delivered by us are reliable and surely it will help you to finish your research.