Performing and testing an innovative idea is incomplete without analysing in a testing tool where modelling and simulation can be done. Xplora Technologies having an experienced team for implementing your concepts in different kinds of tools for various domains.



MATLAB is mainly designed for engineers and scientist where we can implement any new concepts or protocols and analyse their results.
This high end tool finds helpful in the following domains.

  • Image processing.
  • Video processing.
  • Signal processing.
  • Electrical Circuit simulations.
  • Integrates work flow with hardware and other tools.
  • Simulink.
  • State flow of a process.
MATLAB implementation


Network Simulator is a discrete event simulator for networking research.
Simulations such as TCP, routing and multicast protocols for both wired and wireless networks (Local and satellite). The capabilities of network simulator include end-to-end visibility into performance different protocols.

  • Simulation model for Reno, NewReno, Sack, and Fack TCP.
  • Object-oriented modelling.
  • Hierarchical modelling environment.
  • Scalable wireless simulations support.
  • Customizable wireless modelling.
  • Discrete Event, Hybrid and Analytical simulation.
  • Open interface for integrating external component libraries.
NETWORK implementation


Java platform is a simple, object-oriented, robust and high performance tool used to implement both in software and hardware environment. We provide java implementation services in Chennai and across India.

  • Run time environment.
  • Application programming interface.
  • Mobile computing - Wireless communication.
  • Data engineering - Data mining.
  • Parallel and distributed computing.
  • Cloud computing.
  • Multimedia image processing and video processing.
  • Networking.


Over the recent years, CMOS technology has become the dominant fabrication process for relatively high performance and cost effective VLSI circuits. The revolutionary nature of these developments is understood by the rapid growth in which the number of transistors integrated in circuit on single chip.

  • Advanced Encryption Standard architecture processor implementation.
  • Efficient hardware design of filters.
  • Design of Adders, Subtractors and Multipliers.
  • Encoder and decoder designing.
  • Image and video processing in FPGA.
  • Efficient adder designing.
  • Various networking in VLSI.
VLSI implementation