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PhD Guidance / PhD Assistance

Xplora Technologies will assist you to complete your PhD stress free, you have to do only the PhD registration in any department of the reputed universities. In order to complete your PhD hassle free, our trained expert’s at Xplora Technologies will guide you starting from the topic selection to final viva-voce of your PhD.

We offer complete PhD guidance in Chennai to various domains that benefits PhD candidates to complete their Doctorate Degree on time. Our PhD assistance or guidance services include the following:

Topic selection

Research scholars all over the world struggle unceasingly to generate high-end documents in all the fields according to the global desires. One of the most typical tasks for research scholars is that to choose a right PhD Research Topics. Our trained expert’s will guide you starting from the topic selection to viva-voce of your PhD.

Novel concept

Our professional team will provide novel concept and ideas for your entire research process. Our trained professionals will select novel concept in three stages. The first stage is selecting novel concept in specific outcome, the second stage of novelty is related to specific subject to identify research problem and research questions. The third stage of the novel concept is applying new methodology to your selected topic which is ever used in any research.

Research Proposal

We assess you to write the effective PhD research proposal in order to meet the potential supervisor’s expectation with excellent feasibility, critical thinking and ideas of your research project. Our well experienced professionals evaluate the specific problem of the research domain through review of existing literature to obtain background knowledge in specified research domain. We assure that proposal provided by our professional have significant syntax and grammar in well-structured order.

Research Implementation/Simulation - MATLAB/ Simulink/ NS2/JAVA/VLSI/Tanner EDA/ModelSim/Xilinx

Our research implementation team will provide you a purposeful output for your research process. The results for your research will be taken based on intervention outcome and implementation-level outcome for your research process. We also offer implementation training program of the known scopes of the research.

Review Paper Writing

A fantastic review paper writing can take numerous days to finish. Composing a serious review article is a particular ability and justifiably, it is very demanding for numerous research scholars. Xplora Technologies review paper writing service can help you to produce a well written review paper. Our expert writers can assist you in all kinds of review papers which include traditional literature reviews, narrative literature reviews, systematic literature reviews, meta-analysis and meta-synthesis as well.

Research Paper Writing

PhD research process varies based on the research domain and topic to write research paper. Our expert team will provide well written research paper in order to publish in standard reputed journals. Research paper provided by our professional will gain attraction with effective research skills. Our expertise team in Xplora Technologies creates research papers or review paper for the peer-reviewed journals as per the requirements of the research scholars.

Data analysis using SPSS/STATA

In every academic course, mostly when it comes to research, conducting statistical analysis is of more significant. Executing statistical analysis desires tremendous subject knowledge and it can become more challenging if you don’t have the capability to use the software packages such as SPSS, Matlab, Excel and Stata. Our expert statisticians has essential qualification and experience to provide your work which will be of uppermost standard. We have an extensive range of experts in all academic disciplines to ensure you high rating whenever you use statistical analysis service at Xplora Technologies.

Synopsis writing

In PhD research process most crucial stage is completing thesis in stipulated time which contains detailed report of entire research process. Synopsis writing is preliminary stage to get approval from committee members for your research is just like summary of research thesis before starting with your thesis writing. We guaranteed that our professional technical writers will provide effective appealing fashion and concise synopsis of your research.

Thesis writing

The most important stage of the PhD research is submission of research thesis in appropriate time. Thesis writing is the large thinking process to complete degree for achieving greater height in career and professional life. Our technical writers at Xplora Technologies will help you to complete your thesis in order to cope-up with your external expert panel members centre focus of logical content in entire thesis. Our technical writers are well trained applauding personals with skilled academic arguments in effective pattern writing of the research work.

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Power Point preparation for Viva-voce

You should possess excellent skills in the design of slides and use an adequate number of slides for each of various topics like Background, Literature review, Research hypothesis, Results etc. While preparing slides, adequate care must be taken not to include too many information or less information in the presentation. You should focus to convey the significant stages of your research and major findings in a concise manner. At Xplora Technologies, Our PowerPoint Presentation services will help you to make the simple, thought-provoking and instructive, complete Power Point for research and conference meet.

Novel conceptualization

Novel Conceptualization

Xplora Technologies offer novel conceptualization services for PhD/ ME/BE candidate across the world . . .

Implementation services

Implementation Services

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Research and Review paper writing services

Research & Review Paper Writing Services

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Synopsis and Thesis writing services

Synopsis & Thesis Writing Services

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Statistical Analysis Services

Statistical Analysis Services

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